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What I Need to Know Before I Die"

“What I Need to Know Before I Die” by Mavis Beneby Walton is an honest and reflective book that began as a personal letter to Mavis’s daughters but changed into a collective message for all sons and daughters.

Highlighting the power of written communication, the book explores the challenges of expressing the attributes of God to young adults, aiming to answer life’s purpose and the reason for existence. Concerning the incident of personal loss, including Mavis’s experience of losing two brothers within a short span and the impact of the pandemic on friends and family, the book goes deep into the universal questions surrounding life, death, and the afterlife. It encourages readers to reflect on their life journeys, accepting moments of regret and wish for second chances.

With a focus on the importance of faith and a deep connection with God, the book aims to relate with readers, offering comfort and guidance during times of loss and uncertainty.

The author, Mavis Beneby Walton hopes that the words within the book will reach hearts and draw individuals closer to God while still on Earth, highlighting the importance of completing one’s worldly duties before the journey to the afterlife.

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“What I Need to Know Before I Die” invites readers to reflect on their lives, acknowledging the moments of regret and hope for second chances. Mavis with her exceptional storytelling draws individuals closer to God while they’re still on Earth, prompting them the importance of fulfilling one’s worldly duties.
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