What I Need to
Know Before I Die

A guide to connect with the divine and get a defined purpose in life.


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Mavis Walton

Mavis Walton, born on the tropical island of Nassau, Bahamas, and raised in the Pentecostal faith, boarded a transformative journey through the fashion world. A Fashion Institute of Technology graduate in New York and The Institute of Fashion Technology in London, Mavis initially faced challenges with her Fashion Studio Business in the Bahamas. Determined, she sought wisdom in New York, gaining expertise in significant fashion houses worldwide. Her diverse encounters, from presidents to janitors, sparked thoughtful spiritual reflections. Mavis, not having scholarly status, humbly shares insightful truths from the Bible in her journey to answer life’s ultimate question about our final destination, hoping to lighten others’ spiritual journeys.

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What I Need to Know Before I Die"

“What I Need to Know Before I Die” by Mavis Beneby Walton is an honest and reflective book that began as a personal letter to Mavis’s daughters but changed into a collective message for all sons and daughters.

Highlighting the power of written communication, the book explores the challenges of expressing the attributes of God to young adults, aiming to answer life’s purpose and the reason for existence. Concerning the incident of personal loss, including Mavis’s experience of losing two brothers within a short span and the impact of the pandemic on friends and family, the book goes deep into the universal questions surrounding life, death, and the afterlife. It encourages readers to reflect on their life journeys, accepting moments of regret and wish for second chances.

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A strong faith and belief in the divine have long been a point of discussion.
Life offers us many choices and paths as we direct through it. Stuck in uncertain.
Having a purpose in life is like having a reason to get up from your bed.

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